Etienne Asselin, July 13 2019

Humanity - Our Key

From our reflexes to our heartbeat, the human experience is dependent on automation. We get to experience a beautiful stream of consciousness all while the body largely takes care of itself. In fact, even consciousness itself is due to millions of reactions far beyond our reach. 

Our mere existence is a result of the automation of this incredible organism.

Coagulation of a cut happens without a thought, you manage to drive mindlessly to your partner's house while your mind is elsewhere, and your posture changes without notice reflecting your psychological state. All of this is automated. None of this happens consciously. And this is but the tip of the tip of the iceberg... there is much, much more.

Why is this relevant?

What if... We were to focus our attention on the mechanisms that unite all humanity? What if we learned to actually hear what the body is telling us? 

Our body's prime directive is survival. Period.

When we begin to see human function through the lens of survival, the seemingly scattered dots begin to tell a story.

Once we understand the body's prime directive we understand that it is logical for our posture to shift towards fetal position. It is logical & predictable to experience "tight" upper traps, and to experience increases in pain when the body is threatened by its environment.

I long for the day when as an industry we cultivate an understanding of the human organism through a physiological and anthropological lens.

I long for the day this beautiful industry steps into its power.

Written by

Etienne Asselin

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