I help driven individuals lead fulfilling lives, unhindered by pain

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Hi there! My name's Etienne!

Having been a fitness professional for over a decade, I recognize the crucial role the fitness industry plays in the health & well-being of our communities.

Despite being on the front-line of healthcare, Fitness Professionals are not adequately equipped.
I believe that the fitness industry has the greatest potential of all industries when it comes to directly impacting our clients' quality of life, and that we deserve better resources!

1. Office Hours

Have a discussion with me regarding your goals, your barriers, or your client's progress... Anything goes!

Free 30-minute online sessions held every month!

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2. One:One training & Consulting

I have experienced time & time again that a one:one environment best allows for a tailored approach. I tailor all facets of the exercise experience to you. Never cut the client to fit the coat - All I do is custom-fit.

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3. Continuing Education

From exercise mechanics to the influence of neurology on human function, all of my programs are aimed at getting to the source of human function & performance. No gimmicks.

4. Content

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